Monday, July 03, 2006

Mets Pound Big Unit

Game date- 7/01/06

Mets- 8, Yankees- 3

W- Traschel (7-4)
L- Johnson (9-7)

Randy Johnson reacts during the fourth inning in which he allowed five earned runs.

Yankee Starting Lineup:

CF- Damon, 2-4 ( 1B, 1B, BB, R)
SS- Jeter, 2-5 ( 1B, 1B, R)
DH- Giambi, 0-2 (2 BB)
3B- Rodriguez, 2-3 ( 1B, R, BB, 2 RBI, 2-run HR [17] )
C- Posada, 0-4
1B- Phillips, 0-3 (BB)
LF- Cabrera, 2-4 ( 1B, 1B)
RF- Crosby, 0-3
2B- Cairo, 1-4 ( 1B, SB)

Yankee Pitchers:

Johnson- 8H, 8R, 3BB, 7K, 6IP
Beam- H, IP
Smith- H, K, 2IP


Randy Johnson was just awful, giving up 8 runs over six innings of work! The Mets pounded all his pitches, and he looked old and tired out on the mound. Alex Rodriguez did hit a two-run homer, but it wasn't enought to boost the Yanks past the Mets.


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